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This cozy throw blanket is beautiful and functional.  This classic blue & cream colorway celebrates the infinite possibility to create texture through the interlacement of yarns.  It is woven in a striking, geometric composition of interlocking shapes that honors Bauhaus aesthetic and ideals. It is edged with a blanket stitch in heavy taupe wool yarn.  This blanket brings together form and function and makes a great useable accessory. 


Designed and manufactured in the USA. 

100% worsted wool

Dry clean only

51" x 72" approximately

PLUS TEXTURE wool throw blanket in BLUE / CREAM

$549.00 Regular Price
$384.30Sale Price
  • This product is 100% worsted wool and should be drycleaned only.  

    The wool yarns used, occasionally may contain slubs or knots.  Modern Loom strives to provide the highest quality possible.

    Keep pets off these blankets as they may snag or damage the wool yarns.  If a snag occurs, simply pull the fabric, in both directions,  away from the snag to re-set. Modern Loom is not responsible for damage caused by pets. 

    If planning longer term storage, put clean wool blankets within airtight containers to protect from moths. 

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