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modern loom

Modern Loom...

is the passion project of artist Susie Taylor to bring high quality, thoughtfully designed and sourced home textiles to discerning customers.

Modern Loom's focus is quality not quantity as seen in a launch of only 5 styles of wool throw blankets.  As a one-person, female-owned company, it is a priority to oversee the entire design and production process.  Modern Loom proudly partners with a highly respected textile mill, finisher, and sewing facility that are all located in the USA. Even the product labels are domestically manufactured.  

After working for several textile mills and companies, Susie developed a love and respect for American manufacturing.  She is also motivated by her deep commitment to hand weaving and her studio art practice. Simply put, she understands how to design and weave yarn into beautiful fabric.   


About Susie


Founder, Susie Taylor

I studied weaving in art school.  After receiving a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from UCLA, I designed jacquard upholstery fabric for over a decade in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  Exposure to manufacturing and design processes gave me the skills and instincts to take on this meaningful project. 


I began Modern Loom development at the onset of Covid which delayed the process and revealed the complexities of global supply chains. Modern Loom is proud to support American manufacturing and the importance of putting thought into where things are made.  I believe that I've created enduring and timeless designs that will last the test of time. 

Inspired by the Weaving Workshop at the Bauhaus, Modern Loom strives to uphold the high ideal of incorporating Art, Craft and Design and the importance of form and function.

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such high level manufacturers to bring my ideas to market.


Other new developments and products are soon underway.  Watch this space. 

I appreciate your support!



I love my new Colossal Weave blanket! It is the warmest and coziest blanket that doubles as an unusual piece of art that is truly magical in its blends of colors.
A stroke of genius on the designer's part. Functional art at its best!

- Megan

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