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modern loom

“We are thrilled  with our Modern Loom pieces! The vibrant colors really brightened our living room.  Although we carefully selected patterns to match our house, we realized that any of Modern Loom's patterns would have suited well. The different patterns also go well with each other, so mixing and matching is highly recommended. 
 Each piece looks so elegant and artistic, but also so warm and soft and meant to be used often.  Who wouldn't want to have a comfortable yet artistic piece on them daily?!"
Diana, CA
"I love my new Colossal Weave blanket! It is the warmest and coziest blanket that doubles as an unusual piece of art that is truly magical in its blends of colors. A stroke of genius on the designer's part. Functional art at its best!"
Megan, CA
“When I needed a classy gift for refined and cultured friends, Modern Loom's woolen throws were the perfect find!”
Jennifer, CA
“Modern Loom uplifts my home with warmth (literally!), accents of gorgeous colors and subtle sophistication. I also didn't hesitate getting one of Susie Taylor's blankets as a housewarming gift for my very discerning brother-in-law who instantly appreciated the contemporary design and high quality.”
Sandy, CA




This product is 100% worsted wool and should be drycleaned only.  

The wool yarns used, occasionally may contain slubs or knots.  Modern Loom strives to provide the highest quality possible.


Keep pets off these blankets as they may snag or damage the wool yarns.  If a snag occurs, simply pull the fabric, in both directions,  away from the snag to re-set. Modern Loom is not responsible for damage caused by pets. 


If planning longer term storage, put clean wool blankets within airtight containers to protect from moths. 



Modern Loom respects your privacy and will never share or sell your contact information with/to third parties.


Modern Loom is not taking wholesale inquires at this time. 


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